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Providing Nursing Foot Care Treatments in our clinic or your home

Foot care begins with a thorough assessment and includes a health questionnaire and visual inspection.

We will design a personalized foot care program specific to your needs, providing suggestions regarding footcare and footwear, ways to keep your feet comfortable between visits.

Comfort care is important; we include a foot bath and moisturizing foot rub with your treatment.

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Common Conditions

Foot pain is not normal.

Causes of foot discomfort may include improper footwear, arthritis, infections, trauma and hereditary issues.
Inspect your feet regularly, pay attention to changes.
If you are diabetic have your feet checked by a footcare professional at minimum yearly.
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Diabetic Foot Care

It is important to have your feet regularly assessed and cared for to decrease the risk of serious foot problems.

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Common Conditions

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Common questions answered

  • Are the instruments used for footcare sterilized?

    Yes, we use an autoclave to sterilize all footcare instruments and follow the Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee’s guidelines.

  • Is Nursing foot care covered by OHIP?

    OHIP does not cover Nursing Foot Care but it is covered under many extended Health benefits. We will provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company. If your benefits program does not cover the fee or if you do not have benefits, Nursing Foot Care can be claimed as a deduction for health care on your taxes.

  • Are you a provider for DVA? (Department of Veterans Affairs)

    Yes, we can submit for you directly for the DVA and VIP Programs. Just bring your card to the first appointment.

  • Do you have gift certificates?

    Yes! This service makes a great gift for a senior. Just click on the gift certificate button on our website or call our office to make arrangements.