These are the crazy hazy days of summer! Here are a few tips to keep your feet feeling great.

  • Gel Sandal Cushions are great for providing cushioning to the ball of your foot. They also ease the rubbing of the thong between your toes. Made of silicone, they are washable and can be transferred from sandal to sandal. Available from your Footcare Nurse.
  • Wear socks in your shoes, socks will absorb perspiration, reducing the amount that is absorbed by your shoes. This will make your shoes last longer, keeping the bacteria and smell out of your shoes. Wearing socks can also help prevent blisters.
  • Try socks made from bamboo, they are super soft and absorbent with natural antimicrobial properties so they don’t smell when damp. Bamboo socks are quite breathable, so they keep your feet cooler in the summer. Be sure to keep your nails trimmed when wearing these socks as long nails can put holes in the soft fabric. Available at the Bay and Walmart.
  • Dry cracked heels? Wearing sandals can be part of the problem; open backed shoes do not provide support for your heels. Without the support of the back of the shoe, the fat pad on your heel is squished by the weight of your body; if the skin is dry it can cause painful cracks. Apply an antibacterial ointment and band aid to the cracked areas, and wear shoes for a few days. Be sure to moisturize your feet (but no cream between your toes) to keep the skin supple. Try a foot file or pumus before  showering. Gel heel protectors or spa socks can also help protect and moisturize heels at night.
  • Stay hydrated, drink 8 or more glasses of non caffeinated fluid per day. Dehydration can be a serious condition that can lead to problems ranging from swollen feet or a headache to life-threatening illnesses such as heat stroke. People who drink more   water also tend to have better moods.
Summer Foot Savers