Foot Care Treatment

If your corns or calluses are mild, reducing friction may help. Different shoes, moleskin patches or soft pads may be all the treatment you need. In more severe cases, reduction of the callus or corn by a trained foot care professional may be necessary to relieve the pain. It is important to investigate and deal with the causes of the pressure and friction. Arch supports or padding may be needed on various areas of the foot to temporarily redistribute pressure. If needed, permanent inserts to wear inside your shoes (orthotics) to offer long term pressure relief. It is important to have your footwear assessed. Foot Care Professionals can give advice on appropriate footwear and foot care.

Dangers of Treating Corns and Calluses Yourself

The body protects skin tissues from pressure or friction damage by producing an area of hard skin so, unless the cause of the pressure or friction is found and removed, calluses and corns will continue to form. Over-the-counter treatments are acids, they work by breaking down the thickened skin but they also damage the healthy surrounding skin, if used incorrectly. Cutting corns or calluses yourself (bathroom surgery) is not without its dangers, especially if you cut yourself. In the warm and moist environment of enclosed shoes, infection can easily develop into a serious wound. Diabetics and those with decreased circulation should NEVER try to self treat corns and calluses because a minor cut can rapidly develop in to a serious infection.

Regular care of nails and feet is key to maintaining good health and mobility. If you are experiencing foot discomfort and would like care and suggestions for improved foot health and comfort or if you are experiencing physical limitations such as poor vision, arthritis or diabetes you should seek the care of a Trained Foot Care Professional.

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