Our Staff

All of our Nurses area fully vaccinated against Covid19. Each nurse self screens for symptoms daily. We have rapid tests available for any staff experiencing any symptoms. Our Nurses are well trained in appropriate hand hygiene, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and follow the most current Covid19 directives from Public Health.

In our office

Upon arrival at our office, you will be screened for Covid19, following the most current assessment tool from Public Health. Everyone in the office, including clients will wear a face mask. We ask that clients use hand sanitizer (provided) upon entering our office as well as before they leave.

In order to decrease the number of people in our waiting area, we have staggered appointment times for our clinic rooms.

Other measures we have taken to decrease the risk to clients and staff include:

  • Clinic rooms are equipped with an air purifier with UV light
  • All surfaces are disinfected between clients
  • Nurses wear a fresh gown and gloves for each client
  • We are equipped to take payments using tap.

In your home

When we call to remind you about your appointment, we will confirm that the client and anyone else in the home is free of covid symptoms. When the nurse arrives at your home, she will ask you the covid screening questions.

The nurse will wear a gown and mask when in your residence as well as gloves during care. A fresh gown is worn into each residence.

We request that a kitchen fan be put on or window opened to increase the exchange of air while the nurse is in the home.

Though cash and cheques are accepted, we also accept payments by tap.