Try this 5 point boot check!

Be sure to check your boots before the winter season, make sure they are ready to keep you warm and dry.

  1. Pick up your boots and check the bottoms, are the treads in good condition? Will they give you the grip you need to navigate icy and wet conditions? If you do a lot of winter walking you might want to invest in ice cleats that strap onto the bottom of your boots for added traction.
  2. Look at the heels of your boots, are they worn down or on an angle? If so it is time to get new boots, boot heels in poor condition will not give your feet the support you need.
  3. Look at the top of the boot, is the fabric or leather in good condition? Are the seams holding well, and is the boot firmly attached to the sole? You should clean and waterproof your boots at the beginning of each winter.
  4. Put your hand inside each boot and slide it all the way to the toe. Do you feel indents from where your toes go? Check the insole, when the insole is flattened by the weight of your foot, it loses the insulation properties needed to keep the bottom of your foot warm. The insole should be changed at least yearly. Buy yourself 2 pairs of insoles and change them daily, this will give the insole a chance to dry between wearing’s.
  5. Run your fingers around the inside of the boot, do you feel any worn or torn areas? Rough spots are often the cause of callouses and blisters. If this is what you find it is time for a new pair of boots.
Do You Need New Winter Boots?